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Package Types

125 Ml

250 Gr

2,5 Kg

12 Kg

MFY 305


After the application, top coat varnish can be applied. It provides a bright, shining appearance by forming a thin film layer on the applied surfaces.

It is recommended to appliy anti-rust before application to metal surfaces. Stir the paint until it becomes homogeneous before application. The application surface should be free from oil, dirt and dust. It should be taken in large amounts using a soft pencil brush and applied to the surface to be painted without stripping. Coverage will be provided by spreading the paint on the surface. Need to wait 10-15 minutes between coats.

Technical Information

Thinning : Ready to use (it can be thinned with high quality thinner when necessary).
Re-coat: 10-15 min.
Full cure: 12 hours. 

Fields of Application